Algo Trading Software:

Comprehensive Algo Trading Suite

QuantHouse equips algo traders with an advanced suite of trade development and management tools backed by a high-performance infrastructure.

QuantHouse is the world's leading provider of next generation trading solutions to cutting-edge financial firms who want to take the lead.

Our flexible end-to-end advanced trading solutions include:

  • QuantFEED: ultra-low latency market data services
  • QuantFACTORY: our advanced algo-trading development tools
  • QuantLINK: our high performance global trading infrastructure services

With more than 15 international hosting facilities within or near more than 45 exchanges all interconnected by our proprietary fiber optic network, QuantHouse clients benefit from a leading global trading infrastructure for ultimate trading results.

QuantFEED – Ultra-low latency market data services

To enable our customers to manage the ever-increasing demand for low latency market data and to meet the changing requirements of today’s trading environment with new trading venues, fragmentation of liquidity and rapidly increasing volumes of data, QuantHouse has developed an end- to-end product offering encompassing data capture within the exchange, ultra-fast data normalization and dissemination over QuantHouse’s proprietary fibre optic network. Since we design, implement and maintain every single element of the market data chain, we can offer our customers an ultra- low-latency solution, accessible through one single connection to our network, using a unique API, making it very easy to access any market using the same application.

QuantFACTORY – Advanced algo-trading development tools

QuantFACTORY, QuantHouse’s automated trading platform, is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed to help significantly optimize each step of your automated trading development cycle. The framework’s openness and industry standard language utilization enables quant traders, researchers and developers focus on business development and quickly develop and deploy algorithmic strategies. QuantFACTORY is a suite of products, designed to efficiently handle the different phases of the trading strategy discovery process, from data capture to strategy development, back testing and trading. Its foundation layer, QuantFRAMEWORK, provides a powerful Application Programming Interface (API) to build computerized quantitative trading systems. With its plug-in architecture, QuantFACTORY can communicate with any market data providers and brokers. New plug-ins can easily be written to connect to new providers.

QuantLINK – High performance global trading infrastructure services

QuantLINK is QuantHouse’s trading infrastructure service to help buy side and sell side trading firms improve their infrastructures to keep up with market demand. Whether you use Smart Order Routing or algorithmic trading applications, your overall performance is linked to the quality of your trading infrastructures. QuantLINK combines QuantHouse’s proprietary fibre optic network interconnecting the heart of the exchanges with proximity hosting at the source.

For a detailed listing of the prices associated with QuantHouse, please contact an Advantage Futures sales representative at 312-341-ALGO [2546], or send us an email.