Algo Trading Software:
RTS Realtime Systems

RTS for high performance

RTS delivers high-performance, end-to-end technology products and services across asset classes and continents to elite financial institutions. The company is one of the world’s top providers of low-latency, high-frequency, robust algorithmic trading solutions.

RTS has offices in Amsterdam, Chicago, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, New York, Singapore and Sydney. It provides you with:

  • Ultra-low latency algorithmic trading solutions with sophisticated pre- and post-execution risk management tools across multiple asset classes
  • Standardized low latency connectivity gateways, using FIX standard as well as proprietary messaging standard, for both orders and market data to 135+ exchanges and execution venues worldwide.
  • Proximity hosting and colocation services for high-speed, ultra-low latency access to 65+ venues via its global data center network.

RTD Tango

  • Algorithmic toolbox to build a complete high performance, event based algorithmic trading platform for ultra low latency trading
  • Enables traders and developers alike to code, test, and deploy proprietary algorithms for strategies such as: VWAP, TWAP, Spread/Pairs Trading, Basket Trading, Statistical Arbitrage, and News Trading
  • Integrated live-simulated market access environment and open API architecture

RTD Tango Trader

  • Comprehensive trading platform combining the advantages of point and click and high-speed algorithmic trading
  • Enables financial market participants to substantially leverage their resources – develop their own proprietary algorithms and allow their clients and traders to tap into their strategies and expertise

In addition to RTD Tango and RTD Tango Trader, RTS offers a high-performance front-end trading platform and variety of cutting edge automated trading tools to trade a variety of products and asset classes from a single screen.

RTD Proprietary API & RTD FIX Application Programming Interfaces

RTD Proprietary API

The RTD proprietary Application Programming Interface (RTD-API) allows customers' applications to communicate with the RTD system. The most common use of the RTD-API is to route orders to exchanges or to retrieve data from the RTD system. Additionally, our customers can transmit all relevant information including orders, trades, positions, theoretical prices and values, volatilities, rates, dividends, and market data for using their own risk management and other applications.  

Moreover, back office connectivity to the same API offers RTS clients a straight-through processing capability for their trades and order routing through one API to access all markets worldwide.  

The RTD-API is a key component in the RTD Trading and Front Office System. Thus the Application Programming Interface allows supplementary systems to be connected to the RTD System, such as back office systems, clients’ business systems, contract data, custom pricing models, and order routing systems.


The RTD FIX-API is a standard messaging protocol, used to communicate trading information electronically between buy-side, sell-side institutions, brokers, and markets. With the RTD FIX-API, RTS offers a worldwide standard order routing interface. As it is based on the FIX 4.3 standard, simple and rapid integration of customer applications is assured. The RTD FIX-API offers customers more cost-effective access to all integrated exchanges using existing FIX engines. 

For a detailed listing of the prices associated with RTS Realtime Systems, please contact an Advantage Futures sales representative at 312-341-ALGO [2546], or send us an email.