Algo Trading Software Solutions

Software is the key to success

Traders can improve the performance of their ATS strategies by ensuring they employ optimal hardware and software configurations. Extra bells and whistles that come pre-loaded with factory installs from hardware vendors can have a negative impact on performance. In addition to choosing optimal hardware and software, proper connectivity and maintenance are extremely important variables that can make the difference between profitable and unprofitable trading.

Algo Trading Systems, Algo Trading Software

Advantage Futures is front-end neutral. We provide a variety of leading front-end trading applications to allow our clients to utilize the software that best suits their individual needs.  Advantage Futures Client Representatives are prepared to assist you with selecting the appropriate front end. The front-end trading applications we currently support include:


Preconfigured software for connectivity to major exchanges, trading networks and broker dealers worldwide.


An industry leader in fast, accurate and reliable market data plus advanced technical and graphical analysis.


Pre-certified performance trading solutions.


OptionsCity™ Metro is a fully configurable electronic trading platform for both floor and off-floor traders.

ORC Group

Provides significant functionality allowing traders to customize volatility management, pricing and automated quoting.


Professional derivatives software arming traders with comprehensive solutions for futures trading.


QuantHouse equips algo traders with an advanced suite of trade development and management tools backed by a high-performance infrastructure.

RTS Realtime Systems

RTD is an innovative application that provides access to exchange traded futures and options markets.

Stellar Trading Systems

Stellar Trading Systems specializes in producing fast and powerful trading systems for the high frequency, high volume trader.

Trading Technologies (TT)

X_Trader® lets you trade multiple products and multiple markets from one fully-customizable screen in real time.