Advantage Futures Makes
Exchange Certification Easy

Advantage Futures' knowledgeable team helps clients navigate through the direct market access certification process with the exchange.

All programs interacting with the CME Globex platform must work together seamlessly. To optimize performance and minimize risk, all applications must be certified by CME Group on the order entry and/or market data interfaces before accessing production.

Development Requirements

Every program we certify to interact with CME Globex must:

  • Properly receive and display all critical information about the market, particularly if a particular product or the entire market is halted during regular market hours
  • Handle connectivity to CME Globex and manage trading sessions in the protocols provided. This includes:
  • Proper logon, message sequencing and weekly resets 
  • The graceful handling of disconnects and reconnects 
  •  Not adversely impact themselves or other customers.
  •  Be designed and developed to ensure that they not adversely impact the CME Globex electronic markets at large
  •  Be designed to support features and functionality critical to CME Group markets
  •  Be designed to accommodate new products and new initiatives developed by CME Group
  •  Be designed to quickly and easily adapt to any configuration changes without the need to make software changes, such as changes in trading hours, matching algorithms or market depth

Development Assistance

You can develop and certify trading and market data applications for CME Globex. To assist and support your efforts, we provide two CME Globex testing environments: 

  • Certification and New Release:
  • Certification supports testing current products, messaging and functionality
  • New Release supports new product, messaging and functionality prior to production launch
  • Automated CME Globex certification tool: AutoCert+ ensures that all trading applications conform to CME Globex specifications and adhere to CME Group requirements
  • A dedicated development resource team: CSET

Customer Support for Electronic Trading (CSET), available from 3:00 p.m. CT Sundays through 4:00 p.m. CT Fridays, at 312.930.2322. Partner Exchange testing and certification is also available. Details and more information are online at

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