Advantage Futures and the
Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Faster connections begin with stronger ones

Advantage Futures and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) are closely connected – both through the technologies that give modern futures traders an edge in electronic trading, and through the historic business relationship we have established and fortified throughout the dynamic expansion of electronic futures trading.

Advantage Futures works closely with the CME to offer high-performance services including server hosting and colocation services, that enable the modern futures trader to trade faster and smarter.

Because of our close relationship with the CME, we're plugged directly into an advanced network that affords our clients a competitive edge via enhanced connection speeds, exceptional reliability and unrivaled access to the CME’s datacenters.

Additionally, Advantage Futures is proud to have been among the first to invest in the CME’s expansive new datacenter located in Aurora, IL.

Connecting to the CME

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