“Ethics has been a
part of our success.”

From inception, Advantage Futures has been steadfastly committed to creating a trading culture and environment that adheres to the strictest ethical standards. From the top down, every member of our team strives to ensure a trading relationship that’s microsecond to none – starting with our intense focus on technology to an enterprise-wide philosophy that embraces non-proprietary trading, through our comprehensive certification, compliance and risk management efforts, and right down to our unparalleled dedication to delivering superior client service.

One particular advantage to trading with Advantage Futures is that we do not engage in any proprietary trading, which means you don’t have to worry about any conflicts of interest. The way we see it, we’re your pit crew, here to provide and maintain your high-speed, high-performance racecar – virtually everything you need to excel. And you’re the skilled driver using your talents to do what you do best – achieve maximum performance on every trade. We’re not competing against you in any way – we’re 100% in support of your success from your first transaction to your most recent.

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