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Algo Traders

What’s YOUR alter algo?

Traders looking to benefit from an automated trading system typically fall into one of three groups. To help you determine what kind of automated trading solution is right for you, start by finding the group that best describes you.

  1. Point and Click Traders Using Third-Party Software. These traders tend to be most comfortable with simple automation, executing basic algorithims from an Excel spreadsheet, or seeking the use of “off the shelf” trading tools (i.e. TT, CTS, CQG, or Stellar) to maximize the effectiveness their strategy. Click here for more >
  2. Current Automated Traders Looking for Better Connectivity and Execution. These traders’ execution strategies require low latency connectivity, which means there is a significant benefit to colocating servers to minimize latency. They may use more sophisticated vendor products or write to various vendor APIs (i.e. TT, RTS, ORC, Cunningham), which quickly process market data as it comes in and efficiently execute strategies with limited human interaction. Click here for more >
  3. Current Automated Traders Looking for Direct Market Access. These traders have a need for even faster execution speeds, preferring to write custom APIs directly to the exchange where market data is taken in and trades are executed with unparalleled speed and efficiency. This type of trade system requires FIX certification (i.e. Blackbox ATS). Click here for more >

Each of these trader types can maximize their potential with the added speed, efficiency, and support provided by Advantage Futures. Need help understanding what type of trading system is best for you?

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