Algo trading at the speed of light

Algo Trading, also known as auto trading, represents a significant opportunity for traders seeking to maximize their trading potential. When you’re ready to become the trader you were always meant to be, Advantage Futures offers lightning fast connections with unrivaled technology and support.

About Automated Trading.

Automated trading is a general term used to describe the use of computer programs for generating trade signals in today’s futures markets, with computer-generated buy and sell orders automatically or manually entered into the market. Automated trades are often, but not exclusively, high frequency trades – and many of these are generated through the use of algorithms based on the timing, price, and quantity of the order.

Other terms for Automated Trading

  • Algorithmic trading
  • Algo trading
  • Auto trading
  • Greybox trading
  • Blackbox trading

Automated trading is appealing for its sophisticated blend of advantages. Pairing algorithmic decision-making capabilities with high frequency trading strategies and superior connections can offer exceptionally low latency. The result is a dynamic, hyper-effective trading engine custom-created to maximize benefits across the board.

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