Algo Trading Software: B2BITS

Preconfigured software for connectivity to major exchanges, trading networks and broker dealers worldwide

B2BITS’ HFT Connectivity Solutions

B2BITS®, the EPAM Capital Markets Competency Center, delivers a broad range of solutions and consulting services to clients in the Capital Markets.

The Center provides products, reusable frameworks, components for trading including FIX engines, FIX servers, market data feeds adapters, utilized by many trading firms, banks, brokerage and clearing houses, as well as exchanges.

FIX Antenna

FIX Antenna™ is specifically designed to deliver high performance. It can deliver over 60,000 messages per second on a single CPU and has been benchmarked at 30,000 messages per second across 200 sessions.

It adds up to 16 microseconds’ latency on 100 Mbps network with persistence and 6 microseconds’ latency on 100 Mbps network without persistence. FIX Antenna allows configuring sending/receiving prioritization for session. In transient mode it can deliver over 115,000 messages per second. This level of performance means it is an ideal solution for exchanges, sell sides and program trading operations. FIX Antenna FIX engine is currently deployed in some of the most demanding environments in the world.

FIX Antenna FIX engine is not purely a performance engine. It has a rich feature set to support the variety of requirements that a FIX engine must fulfill. It supports FIX 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0, 5.0 SP1, 5.0 SP2 and FAST. Furthermore, it comes with a rich UI for monitoring session statuses and parameters in real time.

All libraries/servers are pre-configured for and certified with multiple exchanges, including CME, ICE, INET and many others. The libraries are implemented in C++, .NET, and Java.


FIXEdge is an application server providing FIX connectivity to multiple clients. Client applications communicate with FIXEdge through one of multiple transport protocols (e.g. Simple Sockets, TIBCO, CORBA, HTTPs) employing transport adaptors. It is designed to be as easy as possible to install, configure, administer and monitor trading information flows. It is written in C++ and has a performance profile suitable for the needs of all clients up to and including large sell-side institutions and large volume traders. Furthermore, FIXEdge comes with a rich UI for monitoring session statuses and parameters in real time.

Some of the FIXEdge key features include:

  • XML-based DSL for routing and transformation
  • Set of rules joint by OR logical operator, i.e. each rule is executed separately and applied to the original message
  • Rule conditions joint by AND logical operator
  • Message modification
  • Add, change, remove field
  • Convert between FIX versions
  • Convert between FIX and FIXML
  • Event handling: control session creation, rules failure, non-routed messages, etc.
  • Send message to multiple destinations
  • Support additional languages: inject Javascript and XSLT
  • Store data from messages to files or database
  • Implement customer own logic, compile and use it as a “handler” in rules

Market Data Feeds

FIX/FAST Market Data Adaptor allows applications to subscribe to one or multiple instruments.

Market Data Feeds

  • Connects and maintains connections to the UDP based Market Data Feeds
  • Incremental Updates feed
  • Market Recovery (Snapshots) feed
  • Instrument Replay (Security Definitions) feed

Auto recovery

  • Automatically fills gap when packages are lost using high performance recovery methods:
  • Market Recovery
  • Natural Refresh
  • Market Recovery with Natural Refresh
  • Supports Instrument level sequencing

Pure FIX interface

  • Hides FAST functionality from user, automatically applies FAST decoding

Dynamic FAST templates

  • Supports ability to load FAST template file and adjust FAST decoder accordingly

Extendible FIX protocol

  • Ability to add/delete fields and/or messages; change attributes

High performance

  • The lowest latency among available software solutions on the market

Option to support special hardware to increase performance

  • Ability to utilize special hardware (10Gb Ethernet Myricom card) to decrease latency from 3 to 5 times

Simple intuitive API

  • API to subscribe/unsubscribe by symbol, API to receive security

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