Algo Trading Software: Orc Group

All about ORC

Orc provides trading solutions for making the best trading decisions with strong analytics, unmatched market access, powerful automated trading functionality, high performance cross- asset trading capabilities, ultra-low latency throughput, and effective risk management. It’s used by leading financial firms around the world, and provides a competitive edge in trading from a single platform, on any listed instrument, across all asset classes, in over 100 markets.

Orc Trading Solutions

Orc offers advanced, high-frequency algorithmic traders several solutions designed to meet the needs of futures spread trading, options market making, volatility trading, and other sophisticated trading strategies. Orc also offers solutions for traders to create their own, custom trading strategies that can be tested and deployed into the market quickly.

Orc Spreader

Orc Spreader is a server-based futures spread trading product designed for low latency and high frequency trading.

  • Multi-market / multi-asset class
  • Built on the multi-threaded, server-based algorithmic trading engine Orc Liquidator
  • Trading logic designed for spread traders and pairs traders
  • Extensive low-latency connectivity to over 100 markets around the world

Orc Market Maker

Orc Market Maker is a server based market making product built to respond to market makers increased demand for high performance solutions. Orc Market Maker combines the latest technologies and innovations with Orc’s vast experience in developing market making applications for over 20 years.

  • Multi-market
  • Supports options (options on futures and equity options), warrants and structured products
  • Allows firms to easily grow their business to new markets and product classes.

Orc Liquidator

Orc Liquidator is a server-based development and trading platform for deploying custom automated trading strategies. It is used by market makers, high frequency traders and volatility traders at proprietary trading firms, hedge funds and investment banks.

  • Trade on multiple markets, globally, from one platform
  • Architected for co-location to achieve lowest latency when needed
  • Rich Java trading API allows customers to implement complex strategies without sacrificing speed
  • Automated trading gives clients ability to grow their business and deploy more advanced trading strategies