Blackbox Trading
You look fast in black

Blackbox trading is the use of computer programs to implement a specific trading strategy when a predefined set of market conditions are met, all without human intervention. It’s primarily for professional traders seeking better execution through proprietary software.

Advantage Futures understands the complex and dynamic needs of today’s blackbox traders, which is why we’re able help you customize and configure your blackbox toward optimizing your trading strategy. With us handling all the ongoing technology upgrades, maintenance, and support, you have only to concentrate on developing and implementing your algorithmic trading strategy.

If you’re looking into blackbox trading, here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Programming – Whether you’re the programmer, or you’re contracting out programming assistance, you’ll need someone dedicated to developing the custom software that will directly access the exchange.
  • Exchange certification – Blackbox traders will need to acquire exchange certification to directly access the exchange, and Advantage Futures can help. Get started with exchange certification.
  • Server – You’ll need a server to run your custom software, and Advantage Futures can help determine and meet your technology needs.
  • Access to a datacenter – Advantage Futures provides premium colocated access offering the lowest possible latency.
  • Risk Modules – All blackbox traders need to meet certain risk management criteria for both Advantage Futures and the exchange. Information regarding this criteria will come with your welcome packet once you have expressed interest in writing to the exchange.
  • Ongoing maintenance and reporting – One of the primary benefits of working with Advantage Futures, we handle all ongoing maintenance and reporting for you so you’re free to focus on optimizing your blackbox trading strategy.
  • VPN Access – Also provided by Advantage Futures.

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