Greybox trading combines fast connections
with full control

If you’re a trader looking for better execution or connectivity, a greybox system may be the perfect solution for you. A greybox trading system is designed to deliver the speed you need, through server colocation or point-to-point connectivity, while still affording the control and flexibility you need to respond to market changes and make decisions on the fly. To get started, you’ll want a customized hardware and software solution that offers optimal performance during peak market conditions.

When selecting a greybox system, you’ll want to consider the following:


Take advantage of our front-end relationships. Advantage Futures maintains excellent relationships with many of the leading front-end trading software vendors, so we can provide expert guidance in helping you determine which solution is best for you. We’re also here to help with a custom installation of the software solution of your choice.


  • Hardware
  • Configuration
  • Troubleshooting

Advantage Futures is here to help you with all of the above to meet your individual needs as a greybox trader. From determining the appropriate hardware to system configuration and technical support, we’re with you every step of the way to get you up to top speed, and quickly.


When it comes to greybox trading systems, a high percentage of Advantage Futures clients choose software with robust automated features built-in (TT API, ORC, RTS API, or Cunningham API). We’re here to ensure everything is properly configured so you’re free to focus on what you do best: trading.


  • Connectivity is key in achieving top speed. Colocate your trade logic and hardware as close to the matching engine as possible for unparalleled speed. Advantage Futures will help you set up and deploy software on colocated servers for the lowest possible latency. We also take care of a host of other technology considerations from power to cooling to remote/VPN access.
  • Internet or private line (P2P) or server colocation – When considering connectivity, we can help you assess your needs and options as they pertain to speed, budget, and geographical location.
  • Private lines via various Telco carriers, ordering lines, and equipment configuration for the remote office. We are experts at achieving optimum connectivity, and we’re here to help you make these critical decisions.


  • Load balancing gateways/web boxes/remote hosts/WAN routers
  • Hardware/Software updates

Advantage Futures is here to assist with the regular, ongoing maintenance that ensures your automated trading system operates with maximum efficiency and minimum down-time.

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